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Acknowledgments & Faculty Contacts

Course Director:

Andrea Deyrup MD, PhD, Pathology Content Director


Attending Faculty Lab Instructors:

William Harrison MD, PhD
Laura Hale MD, PhD
David Howell MD, PhD
Elizabeth Pavlisko MD
Victor Roggli MD
Allison Hall MD, PhD
Gustaaf de Ridder MD
Chris Alley MD
Anand Lagoo MD
Lynn Ferguson MD


Resident Lab Instructors:

Mitchell Arbogast MD
Marcel Castor MD
Giles (Jake) Maule MD
Jenna McCracken MD
Rhonda Mittenzwei MD
Vanessa Smith MD
Diana Tran MD
Colby Cantu MD
Lauren Havrilla MD
Karissa Heck MD
Rachel Jug MD
Catherine Luedke MD
Patricia Pittman MD
Claire Detweiler MD
Grant Harrison MD
Kimberly Ingersoll MD
Elizabeth McKinnon MD


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      J. Matthew Velkey PhD (


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